D I R E C T   S E L L I N G   B U S I N E S S   P A R T N E R :
F R É D É R I C   M

Frédéric M is a French company set up by two brothers on the French Riviera (in the world capital of perfumes) growing some of its own essential plants and flowers, such as the famous May Rose used in many products.

With direct selling methods, we can get high quality products at low prices.

Frédéric M cultivates, designs, manufactures and distributes its natural beauty products via distributors all over France (since 1983) and Europe as well as in other countries today.  It has shown amazing growth with 3 million products delivered worldwide last year.  There are over 140,000 distributors representing FRÉDÉRIC M in the world.
You will be invited to visit the Company when you reach the step of being a consultant:

3 days in Cannes offered by the Company (to view a few photos of my visit, click on Photos and then “Séminaire Cannes”.)

There are many tools at our disposal, such as catalogues, method books and product fact sheets on our own interface to download and visualize, samples and many training tools. However, you will receive training from the person who introduced you to this opportunity, your mentor.





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