F R E N C H   P E R F U M E S

T H R O U G H   D I R E C T   S E L L I N G



  • Are you looking for an extra job to make ends meet?
  • Do you like French perfumes and natural beauty products?
  • Do you wish to earn €200 per month? 500 or more in order to finance a trip, studies, any other project?
  • Do you wish to create your own business? Work from home?

If you answer “yes” to at least one of these questions, then follow on. Check the advantages below.


F R E N C H   B E A U T Y   P R O D U C T S


  • You can work as many hours or days as you like; it’s your choice
  • You purchase your perfumes and beauty products at a 25 or 30% discount
  • You get free training and you choose the people you want to work with
  • You are rewarded according to your work and efforts, which is FAIR
  • Minimum investment to start your business (Getting started)
  • No stock and no need to have a shop
  • Challenges, such as trips to be won
  • Rapid delivery, etc

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